Marketing Director with Abbott Diagnostics

From December 2019 to July 2020 I took part in the Business Coaching services of Lydia Kliche with a close look on my leadership role and accompanying aspects for a total of 13 x 75 minutes.

As a senior executive, I understand the importance of the decisions I make to lead a team and the image I project when making those decisions. Personally, I am quite a passionate person and I need to learn to better control the way I channel the energy I project, either when I move, speak or with my gestures (facial expressions, hand gestures, etc.). This applies to one-on-one discussions with team members, for cross-departmental meetings or for virtual meetings (video conference, telephone). I had to learn to appear more neutral and at the same time convey a clear position.

Through the coaching of Ms. Kliche, I became more aware of the image I am projecting (with my body, my posture, my voice, etc.) and learned to concentrate better on the message I want to convey and at the same time to channel my energy, to take breaks and listen to my conversation partners.

I believe that empathy was already a strength of mine, but with Lydia’s support I became more aware of certain things. This coaching was a great adjustment process between coach and “coachee” and a learning journey about myself, during which I strengthened my inner self-management and self-confidence.

I am grateful and grateful for this “self-awareness” exercise, which is the first step in becoming a better person and professional.

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